1. This is what happens when you ask Crash Bandicoot to produce a piece of music and then he actually follows through, somehow.


  2. Day 22! brittneydonna saw whales when she listened. Now I do, too. You probably will. Whales whales whales whales whales.




  4. This is yesterday’s piece. I AM VERY TARDY.

    Here’s the third part in the “Time” series. It has a lot in common with “Time Confronted,” but it definitely veers off into new territory. The return of RDJ inspired me to try some Aphexy stuff near the end, and while I didn’t technically succeed, I still think it’s pretty cool.


  5. If only I had more time! :-[


  6. Does this count as a noise piece? What about musique concrète? Avant garde? Experimental? No? Well, whatever it is, it’s weird enough for me.


  7. Day 17! I somehow managed to make something decent out of this. I was super afraid I wasn’t going to pull it off, but… hey. It’s listenable, at least. A bit trite, and you can tell I’m ripping off Klaus Schulze near the end (but failing to do so for 20+ minutes, mind you), but…



  8. Just try and picture it.

    Goodnight, day 16.


  9. Listen. I’ve always wanted to put the “Jukebox Hero” intro to good use.

    I still do.


  10. Something about this one puts me back in the world of Hal Incandenza, et al. It’s been months since I finished reading DFW’s masterpiece, but I have a good feeling it’s going to stick with me forever.