1. ikusaba:


    this is on a level that i cannot reach

    this is teen nick sitcom level

    Give this kid something. A TV show, a medal. SOMETHING.

    (Source: ridge, via 3jackdanielsandorangejuice3)


  2. OH WAIT THERE’S ONE MORE. Obligatory (?) megamix (??) built with a million beats and such from the other songs. There are some out of context Reservoir Dogs samples, too. It’s… an ending.

    ANYWAY. Stay tuned-ish. A proper collection of these 32 jamz will hit Bandcamp soon.


  3. Day 31: the day that Tumblr protested the fuck out of the fuckers. Also, the day that I finished my thing. Maybe. Maybe? Maybe.


  4. Day 30. I think the well is about dry.


  5. This is what day 29 sounds like.


  6. Advice: Don’t attempt to use one sample from a Tim and Eric/Zach Galifianakis short. You won’t be able to resist using pretty much the whole thing.

    For the uninitiated: http://youtu.be/5p0QtJMKt1s


  7. LATE. LATE. LATE. I’M FALLING BEHIND AGAIN. But hey. What are ya gonna do? Steal your titles from Brian Eno. That’s what.


  8. This is what happens when I make a gigantic mess of sound out of frustration and then pull some really cool shit out of that mess. Title by brittneydonna even though she hasn’t heard the piece yet!


  9. Some elements of “Tiny Windows” had other places to go. This concludes their journey.


  10. I stole a clip from Todd Glass’s podcast (http://toddglassshow.libsyn.com/, if you’ve yet to experience it) and went from there. brittneydonna helped as usual with the title. One week left. So tired. <3